Q:Can I put a music composed with Pxtone Collage on view?
A:Yes you can.
Q:What is this noise in my music?
A:Maybe the cause is overlapping.Delay can be it.
Q:What does "PAN(TIME)" mean?
A:Synthetic stereo.
Q:I want to select many units.
A:Select unit with the control key on the keyboad down.
Q:I want to make a unit with delay,and the other without delay.
A:Open "VOLUME PANEL"and select"GROUP NO",and place event.


Feel free to use following instrument packs in your pxtone musics.

AAmaru Tone Library
Made by AAmaru.
Kirivoice Version1.2
Made by Kiriyama.
PEPOFONT Version1.00
Made by PEPO.
PEPOFONT2 Version0.10
Made by PEPO.
qPapers Version0.1.6
Made by qESt.
PGuitar Version1.00
Made by Pata.
Made by KiriShimentai.
Complement of original instruments
Made by KiriShimentai.

Useful softwares and websites

Following website will help your work.

The Unibersity of Iowa Electronic Music Studios Musical Instrument Samples
A sound editing software.