Prize winners

Here are the winners of the contests.
I wish you will understand the potential of Pxtone Collage.
Contests that is older than 4th was held In "pisColla!" by ama.

The 9th contest:December 15th-June 3rd in2012

Themes:choose one or more of following "Hometown" "Heal" "Box"

◆Magical Magical Box Box Box!!◆ 
Composer:Pataya Theme:Box Gold prize.ptcop version
Johannes Kepler’s Polyhedra 
Composer:Saiph Theme:Box Silver prize.ptcop version
Satogaeri -Homecoming-
Composer:Task Theme:Hometown Bronze prize.ptcop version

The 8th contest May 1st-June 5th in2011

Themes:choose one or more of following "Road" "Child" "Cell"

Pixtone Collage! GW mix 
Composer:JAP Theme:Road Gold prize.ptcop version
Crazy Hill 
Composer:Moppy Theme:Road Silver prize.ptcop version
Composer:take Theme:Road Bronze prize.ptcop version

The 7th contest December 15th in 2010-January 10th in2011

Themes:choose one or more of following "Ice" "Wing" "Fear"

Arctic Winds 
Composer:Wedge of Cheese Theme:Ice+Wing Gold prize.ptcop version
Composer:JAP Theme:Wing Silver prize.ptcop version
Composer:Task Theme:Ice Bronze prize.ptcop version

The 6th pxtone contest August 15th in 2010

Themes:choose one or more of following "Sushine" "Convergence" "Steel"

Steel Impulse 
Composer:Moppy Theme:Steel Gold prize.ptcop version
Shikisai miracle -Color's miracle- 
Composer:Gumi Theme:Sushine Silver prize.ptcop version
Composer:Yoghurt Theme:Steel+Convergence Bronze prize.ptcop version

The 5th pxtone contest December 15th in 2009

Themes:choose one or more of following "City" "Dream" "Impact"

Tokai samurai 
Composer:Kuroma Theme:City Gold prize.pttune version
Composer:Task Theme:Dream Silver prize.ptcop version
Composer:Take Theme:City Silver prize.ptcop version
Shikou C -Trial ”C”-
Composer:Kiri.Shimentai Theme:Impact Bronze prize.ptcop version

The 4th pxtone contest theme:"StartPoint" January 5th in 2008

Atlas Prelude 
Composer:Kaho Prize:Theme,Musicality,Popularity,Combination .ptcop version
Can you find me? (CHERRY BLOSSOM STORY) 
Composer:code C.B.S. Prize:Material .ptcop version
Composer:kaktus Prize:Originality .ptcop version

The 3rd pxtone contest theme:"Wind" April 18th in 2007

Kaze -Wind-
Composer:JAP Prize:Theme.ptcop version
The Dimension storm
Composer:Wasshoi Prize:Musicality,Popularity,Combination.ptcop version
Tsukito kimino siduku -Drop of you and the moon-
Composer:Mnohito Prize:Material.ptcop version
Sonate "Sprit of wind"
Composer:Keishi Prize:Originality.ptcop version

The 2nd pxtone contest theme:"SF" The fixture has been forgotten.

"Satellite IV"
Composer:HS Prize:Theme.ptcop version
Composer:Izumi Se-ko Prize:Musicality.ptcop version
Anachronism Chemistry Base A.D.6
Composer:Green Hina Prize:Material.ptcop version
Blast Off
Composer:Jon Baken Prize:Originality.ptcop version
The dawn of a outlying star
Composer:Araragi Prize:Originality.ptcop version
Contact us
Composer:Oasis Prize:Originality.ptcop version
Composer:poko-chip Prize:Combination.ptcop version

The 1st pxtone contest theme:"Night" the last third of May in 2006

Composer:Passerby Prize:Theme.ptcop version
Kansokusya no machi -Observer city-
Composer:Homing Ligament Prize:Musicality,Popularity,Combination.ptcop version
SaturdayNight Enko Girl
Composer:Gensai Prize:Material.ptcop version
Suiho -Drunk step-
Composer:taro Prize:Idea.ptcop version
Composer:ikakas.Kura Prize:Popularity,Combination.ptcop version