About The Pxtone Collage Collective

This website is for the exhibition of music made with "Pxtone Collage".
You can post your music and instrument and listen to musics from many other composers.
The webmaster is To-go.
Email:dokukinoko7 AT gmail.com(Replace "AT" with "@".)

About copyrights

Each composer reserves each copyright of his/her music.
You can listen to musics,or open them and see how they were made.
Contact with the composer of the music,if you want to use a music in other ways(redistribution,remaking,and so on).

About PxtoneCollage

Pxtone collage is a chiptune/lo-tech music editing program for Windows.
Nice interface will help you very well.
It can treat .wav and .ogg files.Besides it have 2 unique file type for instruments.
While the width of expression,the music that you will compose with Pxtone collage will become very compact.
The great programmer of Pxtone Cllage is Pixel,who is celebrated as the programmer of "Cave Story".

About Private icon

I tell you how to get your own private icon.
Writing that you want to have a private icon,upload .png file(80px sides).
The passward you use in the message will be the passward for the icon.